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Booth Info/Price


Booth Information/Price

A limited number of exhibition booth are available to both Chinese and international companies and organizations. Several of the booths have already been booked by last year`s exhibitors. The remainder of the exhibitor booths will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Different booth sizes are available:

Exhibition HallBooth AreaPrice
N3, N53 x 2 m2RMB30,000
3 x 3 m2RMB45,000
N1, N2Area A 3 x 3 m2RMB45,000
Area B 3 x 3 m2RMB30,000

For more information, please refer to Floor Plan

TypeFront WideFront DepthHeight
6 sqm3m2m2.5m
9 sqm3m3m2.5m

1. Panel size:  width – 0.96 m; height - 2.46 m;
   2. The width inside the booth will be less than 2m or 3m, the figure is just for reference. Standard designed booth sample (6 sqm)

Standard designed booth sample (9 sqm)

Standard Booth Illustration

   Companies will need to pay RMB1,000 for each additional exhibitor pass. (Please note that you can only register one additional exhibitor for each standard booth) Every Standard Booth Package Includes:
   •paneled walls 
   •1 table, 2 chairs 
   •light & 1 electricity socket (220V/5A) 
   •2 complimentary delegate passes and 2 complimentary exhibitor passes Please note the shape of the electrical outlets used in China. Electricity is 220V. Extra power line to the booth will be charged.Equipment Exhibition Space:

Indoor Equipment Exhibition Area   Hall N1, N2     RMB1,500/sqm    
         (min 50 sqm)
Outdoor Equipment Exhibition Area     Front Square  RMB1,200/sqm
         (min 50sqm)

   1. Equipment suppliers only.
   2. Ground space only.
   For more information, please refer to Equipment Show Delegate package includes:
   • Delegate badge
   • Delegate bag
   • Notebook
   • Pen
   • Conference catalogue and guide 
   • Lunch tickets Activities/Events Every for Delegate:
   • CHINA MINING conferences
   • Trade show
   • Coffee breaks 
   • Lunches 
   • Thematic seminars
   • Awards Ceremony(by Invitation ONLY) Exhibitor Package Includes:
   • Exhibitor badge
   • Lunch tickets

Activities/Events for Exhibitors:
   • Trade show
   • Coffee breaks 
   • Lunches
   • Awards Ceremony(by Invitation ONLY) Special Designed Booth(Hall N3,N5)
RMB3,000/sqm (min 50sqm)
   1.  Special designed booth in Hall N3,N5 only.
   2.  Ground space only.
   If you prefer a special designed booth to a standard one, please follow the procedure below to hand in your application to the organizer: •Submit your written application to the organizer before August 20, 2017:
   or by Fax:+86-10-6446 6368 • Please notice that we will conduct the booth construction in accordance with the standard booth design if you do not send out the application and documents on time. For the provisions not listed, please directly contact Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Centre. We do not take responsibilities for any losses or damages. Please note that the height of the booth should not exceed 6 meters. (The figure is only for reference)