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On the morning of September 24, 2017 (Sunday), the Organizing Committee will hold an Awards Ceremony for annual Outstanding Achievement Awards of CHINA MINING at Hall N9 of the venue. At that time, the leaders for the Ministry of Land and Resources and Tianjin Municipal People's Government will issue the awards for the winners.

Selection Method for the Outstanding Achievements Awards of CHINA MINING


I. General Provisions

Article 1 

In order to support and encourage the enterprises and projects which make important contributions in the areas of geological
exploration and mine development, etc., at home and abroad, and mining competent authorities, associations, societies,
intermediary institutions which provide excellent services in mineral exploration and development, as well as to promote
sustainable and sound development of mining industry, CHINA MINING Organizing Committee sets up the Outstanding
Achievements Awards of CHINA MINING and formulate this method.

Article 2

All the enterprises and projects hereof refer to the enterprises and projects of Chinese invested, foreign invested and joint
venture engaged in mineral resources exploration and development business in China, as well as those enterprises and
projects of China invested and joint venture engaged in mineral resources exploration and development outside of China.

Article 3

The Outstanding Achievements Awards of CHINA MINING will be presented in the following 5 categories: 

(1) Prospection and Exploration Outstanding Achievement Award  

This award honors enterprises and projects which find important ore field and new significant reserves and make significant
achievements in the field of mineral exploration in China or overseas.

(2) Mine Development Outstanding Achievement Award  

This award honors enterprises and projects which have been gone into operation within or outside of China, with requirements
of being in medium or large scale, as well as production technology conditions and management level have reached the
international advanced level. 

(3) Social Responsibility Outstanding Achievement Award 

This award honors enterprises and projects which greatly improve the ecological environment index by utilizing technologies
and equipments, actively fulfill social responsibility, boost community development and make critical contribution for mining
sustainable development during the process of mineral exploration and development within or outside of China. 

(4) Mine Innovation Outstanding Achievements Award  

This award honors enterprises and projects which research, develop and use new technology, equipment and advanced
management mode, and make significant progress in promoting mineral resources exploration and development within or
outside of China.

(5) Service and Support Outstanding Achievements Award 

This award honors mining competent authorities, associations, societies and intermediary institutions which provide good
quality s and service in advancing the mineral exploration and development. 

Article 4 

The selection of Outstanding Achievements Award of China Mining is organized once a year, no more than three award-winners for one category, and the awards will be granted during CHINA MINING.

II: Application and Recommendation

Article 5 

The Outstanding Achievements Award of CHINA MINING is applied according to two ways, one is by the company itself
and another is to recommend definitive candidates by the association. Written materials are needed for application and
recommendation. The written materials should keep complete, real and reliable. 

Article 6 

CHINA MINING Organizing Committee releases annual selection notice of the of CHINA MINING Awards through official website of CHINA MINING ( related medias prior to August 1st each year. Companies or associations should submit materials of application and recommendation prior to September 20th each year.  

III. Review and Publicity

Article 7 

The Review Committee for CHINA MINING Awards is set up to carry out the review work according to the principles of justice, openness and fairness. The Review Committee is composed of CHINA MINING Organizing Committee, associations, societies, institutions and representatives of mining companies.

Article 8  

CHINA MINING Organizing Committee sets up the Review Office for CHINA MINING Awards (hereafter referred to as “the Office”). The Office is set in China Mining Association and is responsible for specific affairs, such as application and recommendation, the form review, organizing the award review and so on.

Article 9 

The recommendation materials, after qualified through the format by the Office, will be submitted to the Review Committee to review before October 10th each year. 

Article 10 

The results of review are shall be voted by secret ballot in the meeting of Review Committee. Each winning project must receive more than half concurring opinion from Review committee members. If the winning projects receive a tie vote, the Review Committee will vote again to get the final comments of winning projects.  

Article 11  

The review of CHINA MINING Awards implements the challenge system. The member of Review Committee who is associated with the award projects will not attend the review work of the year.

Article 12  

The results of the review will be made public in the official website of CHINA MINING. The publicity should be no less than 10 working days. During the publicity period, disagreements from any unit or individual can be raised directly to the Office. No disagreements more than fair show period or anonymous reflection will be accepted.

IV. Approval and Awards

Article 13

After publicity and approval by CHINA MINING Organizing Committee, the review results of CHINA MINING Awards will be identified as the winning results of the year.

Article 14

The winning results will be announced during CHINA MINING held annually. CHINA MINING organizing committee will award certificates and trophy to the winners. 

V. Supplementary Provisions

Article 15 

During the process of application and recommendation, any enterprises and units which provide false data and materials will be cancelled the qualification of application and recommendation in the future.

Article 16 

CHINA MINING Organizing Committee is responsible for the interpretation of these provisions. This method will take effect at the date of releasing.

Encl.:  Application Form for CHINA MINING Awards (Download)

The Outstanding Achievements Awards of CHINA MINING 2016 has been officially launched. It can be applied by the enterprises themselves and also can be recommended in definitive candidates by the association. Any enterprise which concerns, please send the “Application Form for CHINA MINING Awards " and the relevant materials (20 copies, including the electronic version) as requested of Selection Method for the Outstanding Achievements Awards of CHINA MINING on or before 20th September to Review Office for CHINA MINING Awards.

The Review Office for CHINA MINING Awards is located in China Mining Association, please contact as follows:
Contact Person: Li Yueying (International Department of China Mining Association)
Address: Block B, Anxin Building, No. A4, #9 area of Hepingli, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100013 China
Tel: +86-10-66557687, Mobile: +86-13661245810
Fax: +86-10-66557672