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“China has made no plans for mining activity in Antarctica”

Citation: Date:2017-5-27 15:46:48

China has dispelled concerns it is considering mining Antarctica as it hosts an international meeting of more than 40 nations that oversee the icy continent’s management.
State Oceanic Administration deputy head Lin Shanqing told reporters this week that China wanted to contribute to the peaceful use of Antarctica, Bloomberg reported.

“At this stage, China’s Antarctic expeditions and research mainly focus on boosting our understanding of the Antarctic and to better conserve the Antarctic environment,” Lin said.

“According to my knowledge now, China has made no plans for mining activity in Antarctica.”

However, another Chinese official, vice premier Zhang Gaoli, said there needed to be a “proper balance” between environmental and economic interests in Antarctica.

He was referring to tourists and commercial fishing vessels in the area, the Associated Press was told. China signed up in 1983 to the Antarctic Treaty, which has established protocols on environmental protection.