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Wang Min Met with Olyphant, Vice Minister of South Africa Mineral Resource Department Date:2014-4-28 9:57:27

On the afternoon of June 24th, Wang Min, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Land and Resources of China met with Olyphant, Vice Minister of South Africa mineral resources Department and his group in Beijing.

Wang Min pointed out that since China and South Africa are both BRICS and the world’s mining giants, it is important to strengthen the cooperation in the field of geology and mining. In recent years, China implemented the strategy of prospecting breakthrough action in domestic, increased the degree of mineral resources security, and actively supported the enterprises to go out to explore and exploit the mineral resources. Also China welcomes the mining enterprises of South Africa to have investment cooperation in China.

Wang Min reviewed the cooperation processes in the field of geology and mineral resources between the two countries in recent years. He pointed out that The Ministry of Land and Resources and South Africa’s Mineral Resources will keep friendly cooperation relations continuously. For the next step of cooperation, Wang Min put forward several suggestions: To further perform the Memorandum of Understanding of the governments in the field of geology and mineral resources, to further the cooperation; to build new mechanism and explore new ways, to make the mineral resources development more orderly and efficiently; to further strengthen geological survey, geological scientific research, the disaster prevention and cooperation on other scientific fields. Through the pragmatic cooperation, under the overall framework of china-Africa cooperation, we will create new highlight of cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Olyphant introduced the mining development in South Africa, thought South Africa and China’s mining cooperation prospect better, the two countries  still should further strengthen pragmatic cooperation. Both sides also discussed about the cooperation matters.

The related departments, head of the China geological survey attended the meeting. (Ding Quanli) Translated by TLRHVC


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